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Holidays & Observances 2014

Jan 1 New Year's Day
Jan 2 Day After New Year’s Day (Quebec)
Jan 6 Epiphany
Jan 7 Orthodox Christmas Day
Jan 14 Prophet's Birthday
Jan 14 Orthodox New Year
Jan 16 Tu B'Shevat (Arbor Day)
Jan 31 Chinese New Year
Feb 2 Groundhog Day
Feb 10 Family Day (British Columbia)
Feb 14 Valentine's Day
Feb 15 National Flag of Canada Day
Feb 17 Louis Riel Day (Manitoba)
Feb 17 Islander Day (Pr.Edward I)
Feb 17 Family Day (AB, ON, SK)
Feb 21 Heritage Day in the Yukon (Yukon Territory)
Mar 1 St David's Day
Mar 4 Carnival/Shrove Tuesday
Mar 5 Ash Wednesday
Mar 9 Daylight Saving Time starts
Mar 10 Commonwealth Day
Mar 16 Purim
Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day
Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Mar 20 March equinox
Apr 6 National Tartan Day
Apr 9 Vimy Ridge Day
Apr 13 Palm Sunday
Apr 15 First day of Passover
Apr 17 Maundy Thursday
Apr 18 Orthodox Good Friday
Apr 18 Good Friday
Apr 19 Orthodox Holy Saturday
Apr 19 Holy Saturday
Apr 20 Orthodox Easter
Apr 20 Easter Sunday
Apr 21 St. George's Day (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Apr 21 Orthodox Easter Monday
Apr 21 Easter Monday
Apr 22 Last day of Passover
Apr 28 Yom HaShoah
May 6 Yom HaAtzmaut
May 11 Mother's Day
May 18 Lag B'Omer
May 19 Victoria Day (All except QC)
May 19 National Patriots' Day (Quebec)
May 27 Isra and Mi'raj
May 29 Ascension Day
Jun 4 Shavuot
Jun 8 Pentecost
Jun 9 Whit Monday
Jun 15 Trinity Sunday
Jun 15 Father's Day
Jun 19 Corpus Christi
Jun 21 National Aboriginal Day
Jun 21 June Solstice
Jun 21 National Aboriginal Day (Northwest Territories)
Jun 23 Discovery Day (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Jun 24 St. Jean Baptiste Day (Quebec)
Jun 29 Ramadan begins
Jul 1 Canada Day
Jul 1 Memorial Day (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Jul 9 Nunavut Day (Nunavut Territory)
Jul 14 Orangemen's Day (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Jul 24 Laylat al-Qadr
Jul 29 Eid-al-Fitr
Aug 4 New Brunswick Day (New Brunswick)
Aug 4 Heritage Day in Alberta
Aug 4 Natal Day (Nova Scotia, Pr.Edward I)
Aug 4 Civic/Provincial Day (MB, NT, ON, SK)
Aug 4 British Columbia Day (British Columbia)
Aug 5 Tisha B'Av
Aug 15 Gold Cup Parade (Pr.Edward I)
Aug 15 Assumption of Mary
Aug 18 Discovery Day (Yukon Territory)
Sep 1 Labour Day (All)
Sep 22 September equinox
Sep 25 Rosh Hashana
Oct 4 Yom Kippur
Oct 4 Feast of St Francis of Assisi
Oct 5 Eid-al-Adha
Oct 9 First day of Sukkot
Oct 13 Thanksgiving Day (All)
Oct 15 Last day of Sukkot
Oct 16 Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah
Oct 23 Diwali/Deepavali
Oct 25 Muharram/Islamic New Year
Oct 31 Halloween
Nov 1 All Saints' Day
Nov 2 Daylight Saving Time ends
Nov 2 All Souls' Day
Nov 11 Remembrance Day (All except ON, QC)
Nov 30 First Sunday of Advent
Dec 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec 11 Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster
Dec 17 First Day of Hanukkah
Dec 21 December Solstice
Dec 24 Last day of Hanukkah
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Christmas
Dec 26 Boxing Day (All except NU)
Dec 31 New Year's Eve


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Monday 27 August 2018 10:00 - 17:00
by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Hits : 62838


Using a Firearm for Wilderness Protection

Typically, the firearms program only allows firearms allowed for wilderness protection are non-restricted rifles and shotguns. The following individuals, provided they are Canadian residents and have a license that allows them to possess restricted firearms ( RPAL ), may be authorized to carry a handgun or restricted long gun for wilderness protection:

licensed professional trappers, and

individuals who need protection from wild animals while working at their lawful occupation, most often in a remote wilderness location.

Licence and Registration Requirements

Under the Firearms Act, all firearm owners and users require a firearms license, and all restricted or prohibited firearms must be registered*. When in possession of a firearm, an individual must be able to produce a firearms license for inspection when asked by a peace officer. If it is a restricted or prohibited firearm, they must also have the associated registration certificate.

Carrying Handguns and Restricted Long Guns

To be authorized to carry a handgun or restricted long gun for a lawful occupational purpose, such as trapping or working in a wilderness area, an individual must be a Canadian resident, have a firearms license with restricted privileges and obtain an Authorization to Carry (ATC) permit from the CFP. To apply for an ATC permit, form RCMP 5491, Application for Authorization to Carry Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Handguns, must be submitted. There is a non-refundable fee of $40 that must be paid to the CFP to apply for an ATC.

More Information

For more information, contact the CFP.

Students must provide the following information at time of registration:


Surname: _____________________________________________________________________

Given Name(s): ________________________________________________________________

Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL): __________________________________________


Firearm Registration Certificate 1: _______________________________________________

Firearm Identification Number (FIN): _______________________________________________

Make: ________________________________________________________________________

Model: _______________________________________________________________________

Calibre: _______________________________________________________________________

Type of Ammunition Used: _______________________________________________________

WATC Information:


• The firearm used during the POP must be the same firearm the applicant intends to use for

wilderness protection.

• An applicant can only apply for a maximum of two firearms to be listed on their Authorization to

Carry (ATC) and a POP must be completed for each firearm.

• The minimum calibre accepted for wilderness protection is .357 Magnum.


• The type of ammunition used during the POP must have a similar muzzle velocity, caliber and

bullet weight as the ammunition that the applicant intends to use for wilderness protection.


• Holsters must be designed to be worn on a belt around the waist, outside of clothing and have at

least one strap with a snap closure that retains the firearm securely in the holster.

• The holster must be designed to completely cover the trigger.

• A holster and a holster retention device must be used during the POP.

• Shoulder and cross-draw holsters are not permitted.


• The applicant must shoot in both standing and kneeling positions for each distance (5, 10 and 15


• For each firing position at each distance, the applicant must discharge six (6) rounds, unsupported,

within 20 seconds, in one continuous motion.


• The administrator must indicate the total number of hits for each shooting position and distance.

A hit is awarded when a round lands on the designated scoring area of the target. The designated

scoring area is defined as being a circle with a radius of 9 inches or 23 cm.

• The applicant must achieve 15 hits for every 18 rounds fired for each shooting position.

• If an applicant fails to achieve the minimum pass mark, the applicant must be retested for the

failed shooting position at all three distances.

• An applicant can only attempt a maximum of two retests for each shooting distance.

• If an applicant fails to achieve the minimum pass mark after three attempts for any distance, the

applicant can not attempt to do the POP assessment until after a minimum of 30 days have passed.

• The administrator must submit all POP assessment results – pass or fail – to the Chief Firearms

Officer of their jurisdiction.


Contact : https://bcfirearmsacademy.ca
BC Firearms Academy 3229 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4B8
(+1) 604-592-2410
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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